Devops & Integrations

Application development, quality assurance, small development and production support work closely together in our DevOps service.

We utilise continuous integration and continuous delivery infrastructure. It means cost savings and rapid service development throughout the product lifecycle.

Our skilled DevOps team continuously monitors the performance levels and helps our data scientists to improve the throughput of their data processing scripts. The automatic monitoring and round the clock response team makes sure no job whether it is automatic or manual fails. Documented process and data integrity model from the data sources to the BI dashboards has been implemented to tackle hardware breakage or network outage.


With our DevOps team you can seamlessly integrate apps, data and processes with the components of Azure Integration Services.

Integrations to the corporate data sources are done case by case but with standard tools and the network level protections (VPNs, DirectConnect) the work is manageable and predictable.

Core Stack: Jenkins, Kibana, Elastic Stack

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Filip Ekman, Head of Sales

Mobile: +358 40 5425070