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Our data scientists have built an automated set of tools utilizing machine learning for predictive analytics. InlinePredict platform harmonizes internal and external data and uses machine learning algorithms to help you maximize your sales and to minimize loss and expenditure in inventory management.

Our predictive models can be applied for most industries and cases for e.g. sales, churn or inventory forecasting.

Benefits of Predictive Analytics

  • Automated sales forecasts for operations and reporting
  • More efficient time-consuming
  • Better forecasting accuracy with automated reporting and budgeting
  • Maximizes sales by optimizing product availability
  • Minimizes loss and capital expenditure in inventory management and optimize your product flow

Platform Capabilities

  • Accurate forecasts in an automated manner simply by using existing data and business-related external sources
  • Cloud-Architected service
  • Seven different time series forecasting techniques to ensure the best model accuracy for your data
  • Automatically detects and predicts seasonality
  • Industry independent and for both, online and brick-and-mortar stores
  • No data-scientist needed for benefiting the power of AI

How our platform works?

Internal and external data: Data is harnessed from internal and external sources. Forecasting levels are selected.



Data insertion preparation: The data input method is selected and support for input data structure is validated.



Supervised learning: Platform automatically feeds the input data to different forecasting methods, compares the accuracy between methods and selects the best performing method.



Forecasting – Platform use: Platform generates the forecasts and confidence intervals on desired levels and selected time period.

Test the accuracy of your business data

Test the accuracy of your data for free with our predictive analytics experts. Send us your contact information and we’ll get back to you.

Curious to learn more?

Download our e-book and learn more about articifial intelligence and its use in predicting sales and demand. Note: Content in Finnish.

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