Microsoft Azure Services

We have been building and maintaining in DevOps fashion Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) in Azure and packaged standard sets of tools and integrations for easy deployments.

Main reasons for using Azure dPaaS:

  • Reduce the development costs
  • Focus on the core analytics activities instead of the infrastructure
  • Enable faster time-to-value through improved decision-making.

Our dPaaS promotes a data first -strategy for BI initiatives. Data is integrated from multiple sources, harmonized in a consistent state and then managed to end-user requirements. The ability to quickly and easily connect to applications and data sources is critical in handling big data, as well as rapidly integrating new applications.

Our Azure dPaaS facilitates integrating big data with traditional enterprise sources, such as transactional and operational databases, data warehouses, CRM, SCM and ERP systems.

Interactions between applications that use the data, as well as underlying systems can be monitored to alert for performance issues and user experience. dPaaS also ensures security best practices with stringent policy, procedure and process controls.

Our core stack:

  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Function
  • Scaling and Scheduling
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure WebApps
  • Azure Functions

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Filip Ekman, Head of Sales

Mobile: +358 40 5425070