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About the position

We offer several interesting Master’s thesis positions to software engineering and technology students. Please check the subjects below and contact us as soon as possible if you are interested. Selected candidate(s) would be joining our dynamic and highly skilled team. Successful candidate(s) should be a Master’s level student with strong motivation and drive to contribute.

We appreciate background or courses taken in following:
• Machine learning
• Predictive Analytics
• Cloud Development
• Cloud Technology
• Business Intelligence
• Cloud Security

Possible topics:
• Serverless data processing applied to big marketing data
• Comparative Analysis of Big Data Stream Processing Systems
• Predictive analytics for problem XXX management
• A Service Oriented Architecture For Automated Machine Learning application

Allocation: Negotiable
Expected duration: 6-8 months
Compensation: To be negotiated with selected candidates
Location: Helsinki Metropolitan area
Application deadline: 31.12.2019
Additional information: For more detailed information, please contact
Suomen tai ruotsin kielen taito ei ole tehtävässä välttämätön. 

Application form
Tell us about yourself, what motivates you and how your knowledge and skills would support our team.
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